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What happens when you join Doris as a Graduate?

November 4, 2016

We're going to take away any mystery there is about getting a job with Doris or working with Doris as a customer to develop the next generation.
Here to give you an insight is Aisha! She joined Doris in July 2016 straight out of university!

Aisha: The Graduate Trainee

I had my interview with Doris in January 2016, whilst I was still in my third year at University. I was studying Computer Science and Maths at The University of Manchester and I knew I wanted to go straight into work once I’d finished my exams in June.

The Application Process:

The application process is simple and effective – I simply sent my CV and a cover letter to apply@dorisit.com after seeing an advert of theirs on Gradtouch.com and was then invited to an assessment day.

It was refreshing because other job applications I’d been doing at that time had taken days to complete or had been long online processes. I’d even done psychometric tests for bigger companies! I felt that these didn’t represent me as a person and it felt great to know Doris wanted to find out about me. I looked on Doris’s Linked In page and saw the number of companies they were connected to across the North West and I also saw a video of their Resource Co-ordinator, Becca, explaining the structure of the assessment day.

The Assessment Day:

Doris holds assessment days in Liverpool and Manchester and I attended one in Manchester in January this year which included a group assessment, a Maths and English test and a more formal interview.

The day is designed to get to know you and the questions are about you, they’re not testing or trying to trick you. Despite it being a formal process, it is well structured and the Doris Team are welcoming and professional.

Being Successful:

After being successful through the interview process, I trusted in Doris to find me a placement for when I finished university. I turned down other job offers because I knew Doris would find me an assignment to fit with me.

When you’re applying to jobs straight out of uni, you are applying to do a job role which you have never done before, so how do you know if it’s right for you? Whereas with Doris, you apply to work in the IT industry and they find a job to fit you after spending time getting to know you.

Ready for work:

When June came around, Doris put me forward for an opportunity with one of their customers who were opening a brand new Tech Bar and large IT Event Space. They knew that I didn’t want to sit at a desk 9-5 or work in a small office, so my current assignment with them is supporting the Tech Bar and running events in The Cube, a creative conference theatre. I can programme events from CEO talks to Discos and I love seeing the lights, sounds and visuals that I create come to life.

In my first week I helped launched The Cube and have been able to be an influential part in its growth and development over the last four months! Every day is different and every challenge is new and exciting! I use the skills I learnt in my degree every day from programming lights in the event space to technical software knowledge in the Tech Bar. I have a great Doris mentor and supportive customer assignment manager and have exposure to people from all over the business including the CIO and CEO!

Future with Doris:

My future with Doris see’s many possibilities from new assignments to professional training. Doris’s training mentor Pauline is always on hand to provide training materials for any situation and I see my brilliant personal mentor, Sarah, every week. So far, the move to Doris and to Liverpool has been great and I’m excited to explore it further.


The next ‘what happens when?...’ article will give you an insight into what it’s like working with Doris as a valued Customer, developing and enabling the next generation of IT.

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