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December 2, 2016

Shop Direct and Doris in Conversation about Testing!

Testing is a big thing: 

According to Murphy’s law, Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And so testing is born. Testing is necessary and testing is a great tool.

Since 2013 Doris IT has been aspiring to develop the next generation of testing specialists and bring them into the real world of testing. We work with some fantastic companies and individuals who support our vision and are enabling the future of testing by providing real world opportunities for Doris Testing Trainees.

American author Tom Bodett says: ‘In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.’ At Doris, we want to empower school and university leavers to make the transition into the world of work smoothly and intelligently. Yes, we will test them and encourage the best from them but we teach them and develop them to be able to deal with the tests of working life. We believe that the skills and knowledge gap in IT is dangerous and needs to be reversed! Doris is not only refreshing IT but keeping IT personal every step of the way.

I was lucky enough to discuss the next generation of IT and Testing with a leading Curious Explorer Tester who has worked in the business for over 20 years! In conversation with Leigh Rathbone, he could not have been more of an advocate of ‘upskilling and innovation,’ his words, not mine! His message to testers past, present and future is: ‘To attract young people to your company and get them to join your organisation, you have to make it appealing to them and not expect them to come to you or know about your companies values… so tell them! Get them excited about you and you’re flying!’

Leigh is part of a large innovative team at Shop Direct where, with Doris IT, they are leading the way in forming the future of IT - especially in Testing with 2 consecutive years of IT apprenticeships and plans to recruit more next year!

The next big thing: 

Leigh believes the future is Agile and that Testing is in someone’s DNA. Is there a test for this do you think?

Curious Explorers.

Exploratory testing is the future – the ability to learn about the software’s behaviour and visualise the steps that a user would make instead of following a pre-determined process. His advice to young testers is to be rebellious, take risks, fail and learn from your mistakes, be different.

Don’t lose your fearlessness! Millennials, and young people in general, have no fear. We don’t know what failure really looks like yet, most of us haven’t had time to make big enough mistakes… yet! In this sense experience can be damaging.

Leigh: ‘A good team, a successful team, needs both. New and Old. Youth and Experience.’

Coining the term ‘Curious Explorers’ – as a description and a future mindset of all testers – Mr Leigh Rathbone everybody!

Now this humble man will be extremely modest about being featured in this article but, on behalf of Doris, I have to say that he is exactly what the industry needs! He is refreshing and questioning but also amazing at what he does.

Leigh heads up the largest Tester gathering in the country: The Liverpool Tester Gathering which holds monthly events in Liverpool and brings together testers from all across the North West, encouraging people to share their experiences and stories, over pizza and beer obviously.
It’s great fun!
Make sure you follow @LPTesterGather on Twitter for more information.

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