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The Skills Gap sized Elephant in the Room and what Doris is doing about it!

September 6, 2017

The big giant elephant in the big giant corporate looking room is the big giant skills gap that will not go away unless we do something about it.
At each of the Tech networking events I’ve been to in the past year, this has been a hot topic of discussion. A popular but seriously repetitive and therefore increasingly frustrating topic.
Things that are said are:
- The Skills Gap could seriously damage our industry in less than 10 years time
- There are certain companies who recognise the skills gap
- Certain companies are addressing these serious issues
From my observations, these ‘certain’ people are usually smaller organisations who can see how the skills gap is affecting their local talent pool and future of their business. But while many people are highlighting the issues this causes for organisations local talent pool and the future of the IT industry, only a few organisations were talking about how they were addressing it and Doris is one of them.
Some areas of Tech, as we know, are saturated with talent and there is a steady flow of people entering and progressing. The ‘new’ roles in digital which have only become career options over the past few years are really exciting, such as insight analysts, SEO Specialists, PPC, AI, VR and many more cool acronyms have provided great opportunities for us millennials as there aren’t any ‘senior’ people inhabiting the space and this gives us a chance to be the first ‘senior’ cohort for these career paths.
But with so many reportedly ‘senior’ managers stuck in the rut of hiring the same people over and over again with 10+ years of experience, no millennial or next generation is given the because ‘they don’t have the experience,’ they are continuing to widen and exacerbated the skills gap.
These are the areas that blossomed in the 1980’s – the beginning of the ‘IT Sector’ and a career path which has developed technically but principally in some ways remained the same over the past 30 years.
At an awesome Tech North event in July, their CEO Richard brought up these points:
- Talent supply is the #1 growth challenge for more than 50% of businesses in the UK
- Traditional routes to recruiting talent do not supply enough talent fast enough
- Alternative digital training providers are neglected as a viable hiring resource opportunity by employers
To us, this is screaming out DORIS! And of course other companies such as Coder Space, Innovators Hub, Liverpool Girl Geeks, Tech North, UK Fast and many more!
Skills Gap should be at the top of employers agenda and we are here to help make it happen.
Doris recruits our next generation, provides them with full time employment, training, mentoring and the support they need to gain the experience in the Tech and Digital Sector to achieve those senior positions before it is too late!

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