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Doris Values by Katie

October 9, 2018

Doris Values

Most companies develop core values as a way of showcasing what they believe in, why they set up camp in the first place and how they want to continue doing business. They often underpin the mission, every strategic action and organisational process made. Acting as the foundations of a company’s culture they’re a good way to measure if a company does exactly as they say they will or not. But most commonly they’re a good way of attracting talent and customers with the same values and retaining staff who believe in their overall mission.

Having worked for Doris for just over 9 months now, I believe Doris’s core values do just that, and here’s why…

No.1 - HUMAN:

First of all Doris believes in the value of being human. Which means to them staying connected and keeping things personal. From Directors to Doris’ers there is nothing other than friendly faces to meet. Every step of my career with Doris I’ve been remembered by my name, my personality and my skills. No matter how much the company grows the ability to keep things personal and know everyone by their face and name is something truly special. Something that makes me want to be part of it for a long time.

As much as the company delivers tech roles and challenges the IT industry there is no Artificial Intelligence when it comes to working with Doris. No robots, just people. (Sorry Alexa, if you’re listening).


With an ever growing client base, Doris fulfil the trust of numerous companies with their ability to place young professionals in roles that will not only benefit them but the Doris’ers too. Trust that has been built through our senior leaders’ experience in the industry and the ability to employ capable people and place them in roles that suit their skill set.

Doris kick started my career by believing in me and 9 months in and I’m currently on my second Doris assignment with a large corporate financial company, working with industry experts and being given responsibilities that I never thought I’d be given at such an early stage in my career. But that is because Doris’s clients trust Doris, Doris trust me and I trust that Doris will continue to support me throughout my role. They trust my ability which leads nicely onto value #3.


Doris give young professionals the chance they need to break into the industry because they know how capable they are and the potential they have to achieve more than originally thought possible. Often you just need a chance to prove you’re more than good enough.

After applying for countless jobs in various roles/abilities I seemed to be getting nowhere after graduating University. I was working as a waitress and really struggled to be given a job due to ‘lack of experience’. Doris gave me the chance I needed. They placed me in a leading organisation managing their digital marketing. They could see that I was capable even when I couldn’t see it myself. With endless support, training and mentoring I have achieved so much this year already and it’s because Doris saw potential, knew I was capable and opened the door for me.

No.4 - FRESH:

Doris believe in a fresh approach to business, which means embracing young ideas and not letting age and experience beat new ideas. Before I went to University I studied an Art Foundation, and it was there I began to realise that ideas and concepts for my work did not come from just my own experiences. They came from everyone and everything around me. No one knows the answers to everything - and I believe successful businesses are built on the strong and wide foundations of people and their knowledge. Doris embraces this fresh approach to business as they love nothing more than asking for our opinions and ideas on a regular basis. Thriving off our understanding and perspectives, they learn from us as we learn from them. With reverse mentoring and frequent feedback sessions Doris becomes more capable together and they truly value our opinions. We might be early 20-somethings but we shatter the millennial stereotype and Doris shatters the IT Business stereotype.

No.5 - BRAVE:

Last but not least Doris is brave. Brave to start a business on the premise of helping young professionals break into an intimidating industry. Brave to want to close the digital skills gap. Brave to trust young people with little to no direct experience to deliver standards set by those who’ve spent decades in the industry. And ultimately brave to develop a business culture which increasingly wants to give responsibility back to us because they know we are trusted, capable, fresh and brave humans!

The Doris team is incredibly diverse and we’re all connected by these common values. I was hired because of them and I’ve stayed because I believe in them!

It’s not every day you get to work for a company that truly want the best for you.

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