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The Doris Boost Bar

July 13, 2017

Written by Daniel Lee

I finished my first placement as an IT Trainee in IT Security at the Co-operative Bank on December 16th then was given the opportunity to work on the Doris Boost Bar. The Boost Bar is the team of Doris people who are currently either in-between customer assignments or working together on an internal Doris IT projects such as developing the Doris App, website and training projects.

Here's a breakdown of the things I’ve been up to over the last few months:


  • Learning how to manage the internal Doris Wiki
  • Taking over the management of the Doris mobile application
  • Attending formal Presentation Skills Training in which I’ve learnt how to improve on delivering speeches and also got to understand my strengths and weaknesses in this situation.


  • I managed a research project into Google Analytics and the creation of the Doris Google Analytics Dashboard which makes it easy for the Doris marketing team to monitor the progress and performance of our website and tools.
  • I then supported one of our customers in the Co-operative Group
    • A Data Analysis placement maximising efficiency on capacity and resource planning
  • Meanwhile I was also learning Java on the Doris training platform


  • I continued to work on the Google Analytics project, interpreting the data and developing the Dashboard
  • I worked on automating the Doris Staff Planner with our Doris HR Team
  • I continued to develop and add content to the Doris Wiki


  • I completed my work on the Staff Planner which was appreciated by my HR team mate Becca
  • Supported The Studio in Liverpool
    • A Tech school which specialises in getting teenagers into coding and programming, we got to see some of the projects they worked on, we also got to see their collection of retro gaming consoles. I also squeezed in a bit of fun time playing the first Tony Hawks Pro Skater on the PS1
  • Worked on site in the new Doris HQ office after the big move!
  • Creating an Access database which would help centralise all Doris documents into one area as part of the new office set up.


  • Prepared for my new Co-op Group assignment
    • Researching the Group, website, social media sites and previous IT and Digital work
    • Met up with my new Doris mentor Sam to get to know each other better and to prepare for my customer meetings. This was really useful for me.
  • Attended and acted in the Doris Video! I starred as the wind up robot and a clapping extra! It was great fun to be part of something different!
  • Helped to prepare for and attended the Doris Conference
  • Attended Manchester Metropolitan University, Digital Garage Google Talk about Website Development and Business Digital Presence.

Overall my time on the Boost Bar gave me a great opportunity to learn and self develop.

With the opening and announcement of the new Doris office in the centre of Liverpool, working has never been more enjoyable.  I want to say a big thank you to my Doris training mentor, Pauline, for all her help and tech advice and for always giving me interesting work to do!!

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