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A Day in the Life of a Doris Mentor – Lisa Tappin

May 3, 2016

Tell us a bit about you?

Hello! My name is Lisa Tappin and I’ve been a Doris Mentor for 1 year and 4 months now. I began working in IT 30 years ago (eek!) and have worked at many Blue Chip organisations across the North West. From Barclays, ICLMC (now Fitjitsu Siemans) to Reality Group (now Shop Direct Group) and AstraZeneca where I mostly specialised in IT Service Management and Support roles.

Why did you decide to apply to become a Doris Mentor?

I wanted to be part of something that meant something to other people not just to itself.

Part of an exciting company that was ever changing and quick paced but also intimate and personal to those in it and to those who surround it.

Doris really encapsulates that mentality. We are growing every day and yet we still know all our employees, trainees, mentors, apprentices, customers and friends by name, face and personality. No one is lost and I get to be the one who helps others.

Describe a Typical Day on the Job?

A typical day would be a day spent on site. On the site of our fabulous customers being in the offices with the trainees or working from the closest coffee shop to our trainees so it is accessible for them to come and meet me for their weekly sessions. I like being in the city centre and all our Manchester customers offices are conveniently close together so I am able to organise my meetings easily and effectively mentor our trainees throughout the day. We talk about a mixture of things in all my sessions from, their assignments, their performance, advice, training and competencies to world news , personal issues and general catch ups. I also ensure I stay in touch with our customers. I enjoy spending time with them as it helps me keep up to date on corporate strategy.

What is your favourite part about being a Doris Mentor?

Being a Doris Mentor is great for so many reasons but working with the other Doris Mentors in general and helping our customers realise the value of trainees is definitely up there. Our employees have such demanding assignments and they are very new to the workplace so working with their line managers to help them recognise the value of a trainee and their increasing abilities is one of my favourite parts.

For example, a trainee who joined us in summer began a particularly demanding assignment at A Global Pharmaceutical Company he was inexperienced and naturally shy, his mind was clearly brilliant and his motivation was unconditional.

He faced the biggest challenge of any of my Doris trainees so far and we spent a lot of time together and having phone calls after work. He was so grateful that Doris recognised his potential and put the time and effort into developing his talent

He took every piece of advice on board and worked tirelessly to build his skills. We’ve worked hard as a team to develop and support him along the way. His communication and confidence has grown and he says he feels like a different person. The feedback we receive from the customer is so positive and encouraging for his future development, he should be so proud of himself, he knows we are. One day he will make a great leader, one we would all be lucky to be led by.

He is now six months into the Doris Career Framework and I’m so glad I was able to be there every step of the way and I will always be there for him.

What is the most rewarding part about being a Doris Mentor?

Being able to help. Even if I am just being able to answer a simple question because I once asked the very same question or nearly made the same mistake all those years ago!

Seeing the development in your trainees is also incredibly rewarding because you can physically see them needing you less. You watch them become competent in their challenging roles and see other people go to them for advice. That makes everyone here at Doris proud. When the customer’s employees realise the value of our graduates and apprentices, we can’t help but smile knowingly!

And getting a heart-felt Thank You is always a perk of the job!

Why Doris?

I had taken voluntary redundancy from A Global Pharmaceutical Company in mid-2014 and was looking for a change. I was looking to move away from the corporate approach to management and leadership but I didn’t want everything I’d learnt in the past 30 years to be wasted or lost so when the idea of teaching or mentoring was brought to my attention, I thought of how much my previous mentors had helped and guided me to where I am today, I thought it would be an interesting next step for me.

I applied to Doris in October 2014 through the website and had my (3 hour!) interview with Kath and Chris in November.

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