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We Are...

sure that talented young people are the future of IT services. Through training, mentoring and employment we work to create the next generation of IT, Business and Digital professionals


In a fast moving world businesses need to be future-proof which means employing cutting-edge technology and the best people. Doris finds talent that is smart, innovative and ambitious - they stay ahead of the curve. IT has never been more vital, and next generation business talent never more in demand.


Today’s young people are tech-savvy and capable. Doris knows that if you give them an opportunity to succeed they will. We recruit straight from school and university and we also love smart applicants with experience who are currently under-employed and not fulfilling their potential.


Training and mentoring these dynamic young people within a work environment doesn’t just benefit them; it benefits the customers bottom line. At Doris, we understand that through a process of ongoing mentoring, training and development from industry experts, we can continually supply the brightest and best new recruits to re-vitalise the world of IT and business.


We place our employees on assignment directly into successful organisations, where it matters most, integrated within our customer teams, delivering key business objectives. We create lasting relationships and ongoing opportunities. We drive productivity in line with today’s economic challenges. In a nutshell, Doris is refreshing the world of IT.

This is our Process

Working with Doris is simple whether you’re a customer or an employee you are part of our team. Our five stage process is specifically designed to keep everybody moving in the right direction, together.



What we do...

  • Find the talent
  • See the potential
  • Make them business ready



What we do...

  • Identify skills and requirements
  • Structure a programme
  • Partner with specialists

Customer Assignment


What we do...

  • Improve service
  • Bring Innovation
  • Increase Productvity
  • Save cost

Personal Development


What we do...

  • Mentor and Advise
  • Monitor and feedback
  • Encourage life-long learning
  • Produce the next generation of IT talent

The Doris Community


What we do...

  • Stay connected
  • Share knowledge
  • Give back to business and the community
  • Support and are supported

Our Employees

Our Mentors

Meet Our Employees

Meet Our Mentors

This is Us

With over 25 years of IT and business experience, we each know more than a thing or two when it comes to developing IT talent.

Our Customers

Our customers are forward thinking and recognise the benefits of employing and developing young people, using the Doris approach to find and keep the best talent. Here's how they find working with us...

The Co-operative Group

From my initial meeting with Doris I was bowled over by their professionalism, the very high calibre of their trainees and their passion for making a difference to the lives of unemployed or under-employed but highly talented young people.

Our apprentices have been in role for a short time and are already delivering value on real projects and are beginning to show what they can offer to their wider teams.

Matthew Greaves, Programme Director.

eg Solutions

Entrepreneurs are solid job creators and in the UK there is a national skills shortage, particularly in the IT sector. We have joined forces with Doris and in the last 12 months have taken on a number of graduates, across a variety of roles. These are exceptional skills and fresh minds that many other small to medium sized businesses in this country are missing out on.

Elizabeth Gooch MBE, Founder & President


I was very impressed with the quality of the shortlisted candidates that Doris provided and the speed with which they were able to respond to our need. Ruth was just right for the role and is doing a fantastic job for the organisation.

Dave Gough, IT Director


We are delighted to be working with Doris on this exciting project. We are inspired by the work Doris does to help young people launch their IT careers. Now we have a partnership in place that can provide the support these youngsters need as they strive to become the next generation of IT experts.
It also means we can help our customers to not only save costs but also contribute to the wiser social responsibility agenda in the North-West

Lisa McGuinness, Corporate Accounts Director

The Co-operative Bank

In the time that we have worked with Doris IT, I have rapidly seen the energy, enthusiasm and talent that represents their difference. Working in highly technical areas and exceeding my high expectations, I have to applaud Doris and a big well done to Paul, Martin, Chris, Adrian and Aaron

Hazel Woods, Non-Functional Test Support Manager

United Utilities

It's great to work with a values based business that offers exceptional capability at lower cost. We are working together to build meaningful careers for young people who have delivered for us from day one.

Hazel Barrow, IT Delivery Lead

Shop Direct

Our IT Apprentices are vital members of the Shop Direct Team and we are privileged to have a team of Doris mentors supporting us who are passionate about our business and driven to achieve success for our mutual benefit. Our Apprenticeship Scheme is a critical element of our people strategy and we’re proud to say you're hired!

Andy Wolfe, Chief Information Officer

Our Partners

We’re lucky enough to have built relationships with some of the UK’s leading training and mentoring specialists. Here’s what they have to say about us.

The Corporate & Executive Coaching Organisation

We saw very quickly that Doris’ passion for developing people underpins and gives balance to all the amazing technical training that these young people are given. Doris’ encourage people not only to take responsibility for learning about their own behaviour, but also to incorporate that learning into the way they 'show up at work' every day. It’s a breath of fresh air, which sets them up for future success.

Vicki Espin, Director

e-skills uk

Doris is a shining example of the small businesses who, by working in partnership with e-skills UK are helping to kick-start the UK economy. They are finding, training and inspiring the next generation of IT talent, attracting the right people into the sector; identifying areas where skills are in need; and supporting their learning and development. This is helping to create the technology capability the UK needs for innovation and global competitiveness.

Bob Clift, Higher and Further Education Programmes

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

We joined the chamber in January 2016. They provide first-class business support to companies of all shapes and sizes, through a range of sector-based membership services and networking opportunities. We connect with them through our personal account manager who helps us get the most out of the chamber, social media channels, networking events and their newsletter, in which Doris News is shared.


Jarvis Training Management's experience of working with Doris IT, has found them to be supportive and professional in the preparation and delivery of the IT Professional Apprenticeship programme

Jane Dando, Skills and Support Services Manager


Doris IT are truly a pleasure to work with and a great Solution provider in the area of resourcing quality, enthusiastic, young IT Professionals. TAGZ have used the services of Doris IT to source a number of resources, which have enabled us to quickly get things done in a quality manner. Doris IT share the same values as TAGZ and are a trusted Partner. I could not recommend them highly enough!

John Ainsworth, Services Director

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If you have any further enquiries, whether it be regarding joining Doris or hiring a member of our team please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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